Polished Concrete Finishes


What are the different types of concrete floor finishes?

1. Platinum Finish
Platinum Finish is a decorative, high gloss finish that involves grinding to expose the maximum amount of aggregate followed by surface hardening, polishing and sealing.

2. Gold Finish
Gold Finish is a medium-gloss finish for semi exposed and low exposed aggregate floors. It involves grinding to remove concrete surface, hardening, partial polishing and sealing.

3. Silver Finish
Silver finish is a matt finish that involves some grinding, followed by surface hardening, polishing and sealing with a matt sealer.

4. Bronze Finish
Bronze finish is a low-gloss finish that does not involve the grinding process. The concrete is surface hardened, polished and sealed.


Finished Polished Concrete Hall Way

Platinum Finish

Gold Finish

Silver Finish

bronze finish polished concrete floor internal indoor

Bronze Finish

Polished Concrete Colours

These are the colours your concrete can be finnished to: