What Is Polish Concrete?

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding down a concrete surface, revealing its natural characteristics and a very smooth finish. Our heavy duty polishing machines are equipped with fine grit, diamond-impregnated disks or segments used to gradually grind down the surface to a desired level of smoothness and shine. It is usually a 10 step process, beginning with 30grit diamonds and ending with 3000 grit diamonds.

Why Polished Concrete?


Unique Finishes Everytime

No two concrete surfaces will ever have the same variation of aggregate nor will any two polished surfaces ever look alike. We work with you to create a floor that is uniquely designed to your specifications.


After polishing, not only is the floor significantly more attractive but when properly finished, polished concrete is harder, denser and more resistant to soiling, scuffing, abrasion and damage than any other flooring.



Initial installation costs are comparable to tile & timber. However, in the long-term, polished concrete is significantly more cost effective than vinyl, timber, carpet & tiles which need replacing, repairing or expensive maintenance.


Does not harbour dust

Hypo-allergenic – will not harbour dust mites as carpets do.

Easy to maintain and clean

The floor’s impregnating sealer repels stains and with a seamless finish there is no grout to keep clean.

Safer for you

Will not give off any volatile organic compounds, (VOC’s) which can be found in other floor coverings.