Pharmaceutical Sector


What benefits do polished concrete have for a pharmaceutical environment?

A polished concrete floor is an ideal choice for a pharmaceutical environment. Walking into a room with an immaculately clean floor exceeds any factor in on our feelings that we have just stepped into a germ-free environment. This is perfect for the pharmaceutical sector.

Polished Concrete Floor

High durability and sustainability. Polished concrete floors have a very long life span with very little maintenance.

Eco-friendly – Polished concrete is an eco-friendly flooring option. It permits no mould, mildew or allergens to produce on the surface of the concrete. Polished concrete floors improve indoor air making them the number one choice.

Easy care – Sweeping and mopping are the only cleaning needed to sustain your concrete polished floor.

Versatile – You can choose the style of finish, the colour and the amount of aggregate showing. The look of the finished product is designed entirely by you.

Less maintenance – Polished concrete floors require occasional mopping. This makes them require less maintenance and ensures a lifelong service.

Lower electricity bills – Polished concrete floors improve ambient lighting due to their high reflectivity. You’ll need fewer artificial lights.

Safety benefits – Polished concrete is non-slip. This is really vital for pharmaceutical buildings. There’s no dust and this is beneficial for your health as well.

Aesthetics – Polished concrete floors are very pleasing on the eye. It can easily be customised to your design preferences. The smooth high-gloss finish will fill the room with sophistication. The polished floors will also reflect light, making your building feel airy and bright.