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Concrete Polished Floor image


Less maintenance, polished concrete floors require occasional mopping, making them require less maintenance and ensuring a lifelong service. Polished floors are hard wearing making them more resilient to high foot traffic.

Very versatile – you can customise the floor finish you want, ensuring that the colour fits in with your business interior.

Steps Floor Finshes


To have a high quality polished stairs you need to ensure that the stairs is shuttered and poured by professionals. You will also need to have spoken to your engineer about this. Polished concrete stairs are an amazing, eye catching piece in your home or business. Concrete stairs are much quieter than their traditional timber counterparts. In the event of a house fire a solid concrete staircase will remain intact much longer than timber thereby increasing the safety of your family and home

The finished product will always depend on what the client prefers.

Polished Concrete Countertop


From industrial to refined, concrete countertops are amazingly versatile which makes them a perfect choice for those seeking a customised material with a natural sensibility.

The countertops finished look will depend completely on the client’s preference. This could be keeping with the natural grey colour with little or no aggregate exposed or the full works with a colour of choice, aggregate showing and a high gloss finish.

Concrete polished countertops are waterproof, hard wearing and anti-microbial making them a great choice for your kitchen.

At Concrete Innovations we offer the service to fully design, shutter, pour and polish your countertops.

Polished Concrete Sink

Bathroom / Wetroom

Polished concrete in bathrooms/wet rooms has become very popular. It is very aesthetically pleasing.

It is modern/current.

It ranges from

– Vanity tops,

– Concrete polished sinks (stand-alone/built in)

-concrete polished baths and bath surrounds

– Concrete polished shower area.

Concrete Innovations offers the service to pour, shutter and polish these products.

Outside Patio image

Patios / Driveways

There are three finishes available to your outside polished concrete:

-Exposed aggregate which is the biggest of the aggregate exposed

– “Salt n pepper” which is the smallest of the aggregate exposed

-Power floated finish. The cream/fat concrete just sealed.

Like all polished concrete it is hard wearing, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

Fireplace Hearth Polished Finish


Hearths are designed and created uniquely for each client. The colour, with or without aggregate exposure etc. will completely be down to the client. Polished concrete hearths are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance and high durability.

They are aesthetically pleasant and cost effective.